PM Modi speech on Coronavirus

PM Narendra Modi speech Live: PM Modi assured that steps are being taken to ensure sufficient supply of essential items and people don’t have to for panic buying in Coronavirus situation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation today to talk about the steps taken by the government and civil intiatives that need to be taken to fight …

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How to skip Coronavirus alert tune on mobile while calling

The Indian government has ordered all telecom operators to set a 30-second audio clip as a default caller tune for their subscribers. The caller tune aims at spreading awareness about coronavirus and informs users about taking measures to avoid being a victim or spread the deadly disease. The call gets connected only after the 30-second …

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Why vulnerability may be your biggest strength

<div class="medium-feed-item"><p class="medium-feed-image"><a href="——technology-5"><img src="*4ZjEuUh_3Uu2M8Z7Kmo2TA.jpeg" width="1800"></a></p><p class="medium-feed-snippet">Don will present again at the Best of TechTO on February 24 at City Hall. Together, we will be celebrating the amazing accomplishments of…</p><p class="medium-feed-link"><a href="——technology-5">Continue reading on Medium »</a></p></div>

How to Speed Up Rural Electrification

<div class="medium-feed-item"><p class="medium-feed-image"><a href="——technology-5"><img src="*ULbzpAHEElKOHzX243dd8Q.jpeg" width="620"></a></p><p class="medium-feed-snippet">In the developed world, we’re SURROUNDED by electricity. But what if we’d never even seen it before?</p><p class="medium-feed-link"><a href="——technology-5">Continue reading on The Startup »</a></p></div>

Reasons your Product department is failing

<div class="medium-feed-item"><p class="medium-feed-image"><a href="——technology-5"><img src="*XJ6WZrlFvpoqf3iEJ0sdig.jpeg" width="600"></a></p><p class="medium-feed-snippet">I’m sure you’ve been there — sitting at your desk after a meeting feeling defeated. Or perhaps you’ve witnessed this sight at your…</p><p class="medium-feed-link"><a href="——technology-5">Continue reading on Medium »</a></p></div>

New California Tech Laws Come Online and U.S. Iran Tensions…

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