Divine Inspiration : Resolving a Devotee’s Sadness

Divine Inspiration ( 9 Aug’ 2016 ) 

pramukh swami maharaj’s prasang 


Resolving a Devotee’s Sadness..

A pregnant lady devotee from abroad was disappointed on learning that she was expecting a baby girl. She and her husband desired for a boy so that they could later offer him to Swamishree to become a sadhu. The husband rang up Swamishree and informed him about their sadness.

Swamishree calmed him, saying, “By the wish of Maharaj if a girl is born then receive her as happily as you would receive a boy. Furthermore, it was your wish to have a son and make him into a sadhu then believe that your son is a sadhu. Raise and look after the girl with the feeling that she is a boy. Your child will make you happy and give you peace in your life.”

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Swamishri encourages devotees to accept the birth of a girl or a boy with equal joy. He holds no distinction or favours for either because he believes it to be the wish of God.

(21 May 2007, Dar-es-Salaam)


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