New California Tech Laws Come Online and U.S. Iran Tensions…

Two new California laws aimed at reigning in technology companies came into effect as we entered 2020. First is the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) — a cousin of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — which has a host of provisions related to consumer data. The law also empowers Californians to demand access to their data, opt out of the sale of that data, and more. Vox’s Recode hasdescribed some of the core tenants of the law


After a decade of surveillance capitalism, I have to imagine the legal wings of Facebook and Google (among others) are preparing for war. Part of that war will be figuring out exactly what the law requires. As The Verge reports, many companies are not quite sure how to comply with the new regulations or how courts might interpret the law. While we may be a few court decisions away from fully understanding the implications of CCPA, I can already hear the screams of the software engineers who will now have to plumb the depths of monstrous data warehouses in order to demonstrate their compliance.

Their screams will fall on my deaf ears. In fact, as a Californian and supporter of CCPA, I plan on ratcheting up their stress levels and speeding along the looming disentanglement by sending emails demanding my data. If you’d like to do the same The New York Times has kindly provided a template for such letters and emails.

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