Resolution 2020

newyear 2020
Happy New year

There are certain resolution you hear every year. Resolutions like Exercise More, Quit Smoking, Drink less, Gain wait, Eat Healthy, Get a Promotion, Learn new instruments, Learn a new language, Learn new skills, etc.

Are you actually making a resolution for 2020? More than half of the resolutions fails in first month of the new year. I have some of the tips to succeed in your resolution which you can implement.

2020 Goals

Right Resolution :

Picking up a right resolution or creating a right Goal is important. If you make a random resolution, there is a very less chance that you succeed. Lots of resolutions fails because they are not the right resolution. Do not get influenced by others for your resolution. Below are the Goals which has high chances of failure,

  • Resolution of someone else. If someone else is doing it, you also want to so the same.
  • You do not have a realistic plan.
  • Meaningless plan

Doable :

The goal which you set should not be imaginary. It should be practically possible goal.
For example – Reading 100 books in a year is an imaginary and impossible Goal which can not be achieved (otherwise you read the books day and night without any rest)


So the best way is to keep the Goal which can be possibly achieved and think twice before you set the Goal.

Meaningful :

The resolution should be focussed and meaningful which can benefits you in any of the way like Physically, Skill-wise etc.

Dividing Goals :

If you have a big goal (For example, Learning a new Skills) then you must divide the goal into smaller ones (according to topics), so its easy to learn, track the progress and achieve the larger goal.

Planning :

Detailed pre-planning is required to achieve your goal.
For example, you have a resolution of “Reducing your weight” then you need to have the activity plan which you will do to achieve the required weight.

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Time-Bound :

The timeline to achieve your goal should be realistic, It means giving enough time to achieve the goal is important. If you divide your goal into smaller one then you can decide the timeline easily.

My advice is to think twice before you decide and then go for the right resolution.

Happy New Year 2020

Comment Below your new year resolution and your plans to achieve. Also, you can add your previous resolutions and how you have achieved or failed and your thoughts.

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